10 Destinations Travelers Suggest Skipping on Your Next Vacation


A traveler found Iraq disappointing due to scorching heat, dilapidated buildings, trash-filled streets, and terrible food, leading to an overall letdown.

Naples, Italy

Despite its reputation for cuisine and architecture, Naples disappointed with garbage-strewn streets, detracting from its beauty and diminishing the traveler s enjoyment.


Dubai's emphasis on consumerism and high prices left one traveler feeling underwhelmed, with even tourist activities like bus tours feeling like a waste of time.

Los Angeles

Anticipating glamour, one traveler found Los Angeles to be a city of contrasts, with stark differences between luxury and homelessness, not meeting their expectations.


Encounters with corrupt cops tainted a traveler's experience in Azerbaijan, with repeated attempts at extortion, though they found the local people friendly despite the negative encounters.

Papua New Guinea

Despite its stunning landscape, poverty and danger in the capital city, along with warnings from a local guide, made exploring Papua New Guinea challenging and disappointing.


Disenchanted by the lack of a unique aroma they had heard about, one traveler left Albuquerque feeling disappointed, though the exact cause of their dissatisfaction is unclear.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Despite its fame, the Leaning Tower of Pisa fell short for one traveler due to its smaller size and lackluster surroundings, leaving them unimpressed.


Stonehenge disappointed due to its smaller size, lack of accessibility, and distance from London, making the journey less appealing for one traveler.


Istanbul's appeal varied greatly between visits for one traveler, with the first trip being enjoyable and the second marked by harassment and discomfort, leading to a mixed impression overall.