10 Hidden Messages In Famous Coins You Never Noticed

1. The Morgan Silver Dollar (1878-1921)

The eagle on the reverse side of the coin has 13 tail feathers, representing the original 13 colonies.

2. The Indian Head Penny (1859-1909)

The headdress worn by Lady Liberty on the obverse side contains the word "Liberty" in tiny letters.

3. The Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930)

The design on the coin's reverse side depicts a strong eagle standing on a mountain peak, symbolizing America's strength and resilience.

4. The Buffalo Nickel (1913-1938)

The buffalo depicted on the reverse side is a composite of two animals one from the Bronx Zoo and one from the Central Park Zoo.

5. The Lincoln Memorial Penny (1959-2008)

The Lincoln Memorial on the reverse side was designed to represent unity and democracy, with the 50 columns symbolizing the 50 states.

6. The Washington Quarter (1932-1998)

The original design featured Washington's profile facing left, but in 1932, it was changed to face right to differentiate it from the quarter eagle coin.

7. The Kennedy Half Dollar (1964-present)

The initials "FG" on the reverse side stand for Frank Gasparro, the coin's designer.

8. The Sacagawea Dollar (2000-present)

The edge of the coin features a series of raised dots and dashes that spell out "E Pluribus Unum" in Morse code.

9. The Presidential Dollar Coins (2007-2016)

Each coin features a different president on the obverse side, with the reverse side depicting the Statue of Liberty.

10. The American Eagle Gold Coin (1986-present)

The design on the reverse side features a male eagle flying above a nest containing a female eagle and her hatchlings, symbolizing strength and family.