10 Stupid Food Trends We Need to Stop

Rainbow Bagel Craze

This Instagram sensation offers vibrant colors but lacks nutrition. These visually appealing bagels are more about looks than taste.

Unicorn Frappuccino Frenzy

Sparkling with rainbow hues, this beverage's flavor may leave you puzzled. High sugar levels add to the concern beyond its dazzling appearance.

Charcoal-Activated Cuisine

Activated charcoal promises detox benefits but overuse can lead to issues like constipation. Its actual health perks are still under scrutiny.

Overexposed Avocado Toast

While tasty and healthy, this once beloved snack has become clichéd and overpriced in many eateries. It's time for a new brunch favorite.

Indulgent Freakshakes

These over-the-top milkshakes may be Instagram-worthy, but they're packed with sugar and lacking in nutritional value. Proceed with caution.

Fancy Gourmet Popcorn

Why mess with a classic? Some attempt to elevate popcorn with unnecessary flavors and textures. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Gold-Plated Culinary Absurdity

Luxury foods adorned with gold may look fancy, but they do little to enhance flavor while inflating prices. It's time to rethink this trend.

Egg in a Hole Avocado Dilemma

While visually striking, this breakfast trend is more hassle than it's worth. Avocado and egg, simple separately, complicated together.

CBD-Infused Fad

While CBD offers health benefits, adding it to food and drinks has become more of a trend than a useful application. Let's focus on its true potential.

Rolled Ice Cream Hype

Rolled ice cream may look fancy, but it offers no taste advantage over traditional scoops. Let's stick to what works.