7 Annoying Trends Everyone Secretly Hates

The "Influencer" Lifestyle

Influencers often present picture-perfect lives, jetting off to exotic locations, wearing the latest fashion, and promoting products. While some create interesting content, others are famous for just looking good on Instagram.

The "Live, Laugh, Love" Decor

This decor trend, featuring the phrase "Live, Laugh, Love," is found in countless homes and shops. While the sentiment is nice, its overuse has made it feel trite and insincere.

The "Duck Face" Selfie

The duck face, a pouty, pursed-lip expression, was once popular on social media. While some thought it looked cute or sexy, it often made others cringe.

The "Man Bun"

The man bun was a trendy hairstyle that appeared everywhere, from hipster cafes to offices. While some men could pull it off stylishly, others looked like they were trying too hard.

The "Fidget Spinner" Craze

Fidget spinners were marketed as tools for focus and stress relief but mostly ended up annoying those around the user with their constant whirring noise.

The "Vaping" Phenomenon

Vaping has grown popular as a supposed safer alternative to smoking. However, the clouds of sweet-smelling vapor can be annoying to non-vapers.

The "Hoverboard" Hype

Hoverboards initially seemed like a futuristic way to get around, but the reality included frequent falls, fire hazards, and the silliness of adults on high-tech toys.