7 Great pets that aren t cats, dogs Or birds

They're kind and have lovely fur. Since Chinchillas have hypoallergenic coats, they may be helpful for allergy sufferers. A chinchilla needs a well-ventilated cage, bedding, hiding boxes, toys, food


Many turtle species vary in lifespan, size, and care. Painted Turtles, which grow to 4 12 inches, are popular. These may be fed a few times a week in a terrarium, eliminating the need for regular feedings.


However, as long as you keep them in a large tank, keep the tank at a reasonable temperature, and give them their favorite food usually mice, rats, or eggs they are simple to care for.


Leopard Geckos are good pets for beginners. These geckos live in 15- to 20-gallon aquariums that seldom need cleaning. Instead, disinfect the tank twice a month and spot clean everyday for feces.

Leopard Gecko

The sort of bird you choose might be simple to care for and need little human involvement. There are also sociable birds that want to spend around with the family.


Another low-key pet! A humid five-gallon terrarium can house these crabs. Keep their environment warm and provide a shallow saltwater dish for soaking.

Hermit Crab

These pets were invented in the past century, so you may have never heard of them. These brine shrimp hybrids come in hatching kits. After setting up their water tank, you just need to feed and oxygenate

Sea Monkey