7 Reasons Why Invisible Fences for Dogs Don t Work

Potential Injury to the Dog

Dogs not only experience pain when they approach and cross the barrier, but the collar of the invisible fence can also cause physical harm.

Generalized Fear Behaviors in the Yard

The unpleasant training necessary for an invisible fence system might have unintended consequences, leading to dogs that become excessively fearful of receiving an electric shock

Equipment Failure

In addition to the potential for collar damage, the batteries in the collar will ultimately become depleted. If pet owners are unaware that the fence is no longer operational

A Dog s Prey Drive Might Be Greater Than the Shock

For certain canines, the exhilaration of pursuing something is more compelling than the apprehension of receiving an electric shock.

Development of Inappropriate Behaviors

Unlike conventional fences, an invisible fence allows a dog patrolling a yard to have an unimpeded view of the world beyond the barrier.

Dogs Aren t Protected From Threats Coming In

Ensuring the safety of your dog outdoors may seem like a matter of confining them within your property. However, employing an invisible fence can potentially expose your dog to potential dangers encroaching into their territory.

The Warning Tone Can Trigger Beep Anxiety

Certain dogs with heightened sensitivity may start to associate the warning tone and subsequent shock during the training period of fence construction with the idea that any electronic beep indicates that pain will follow.