7 Small Fruit Trees to Beautify Your Edible Landscape


Serviceberries occur in many types and cultivars, so there's something for everyone. Serviceberries are lovely bushes or trees with frothy white spring blossoms, elegant branches, and red and purple blueberry-like fruits.


These little blue berries, similar to blueberries, on a honeysuckle shrub startled me. My area's red-berried types, which cedar waxwings enjoyed in autumn and winter, were all I knew.

Goumi berry

Although the goumi belongs to the same genus as the Russian Olive and the Autumn Olive, the goumi shrub is less invasive and produces fruits that are both the most flavourful and the biggest.

Asian Pear

These apple-shaped pears, which were formerly solely consumed by the affluent, are now readily accessible, and there are hundreds of different kinds of pear trees that may be planted.


The elegant, tiered persimmon tree is beautiful. The trees have beautiful autumn color despite little flowers. Big orange persimmons shine like lanterns when the leaves turn red, yellow, and orange.

Citrus Trees in Containers

Potted dwarf citrus trees lend a refined touch to the culinary landscape and provide beautiful flowers and tasty fruit. Large containers look wonderful for oranges, lemons, Mexican limes, kumquats, calamondins, tangerines.

Nanking Cherry

An early spring bloomer, the Nanking cherry begins with blossoms that are fragrant and light pink in color, like cotton candy. As the cherry matures, the blooms transition from pink to white.