7 Travel Safety Tips to Help You Stay Safe Abroad

Learn about common scams

Scammers are rare, but they wait for naïve travelers. Most cost a few bucks and some shame, while some can steal. 

Buy travel insurance

Travel insurance is my first purchase when booking a trip. I know it's tiresome to read and write about when arranging a trip. 

Know what your insurance will and will not do

You should review your insurance policy before leaving home. Every company is different, so knowing what's covered is important.

Save your emergency contacts

Travel insurance contact numbers should be saved in your phone. Keep the emergency contact email in your inbox.

Prepare a Google Map

Saving your hotel on Google Maps after booking. So you can find your hotel if you get lost and show a driver the address. 

Download the Safe Traveler App

Next, download the State Department Safe Traveler app. Just enter your destinations, and it will send push warnings to your phone about security issues. 

Follow embassies on Twitter

Follow your embassy in the destination on Twitter. It will note key local events and holidays and post updates and information as necessary.