7 Walkway Ideas That Will Complement Your Home and Yard

Add Lush Grasses for Balance

Unlike the entrance porch and stone risers, this sleek, poured concrete pathway is contemporary. The austere concrete is balanced by luxuriant perennial grasses.

Go Modern and Minimalist

In this symmetrical route by Blueberry Jones Design, massive, rectangular stones lead inside the house and to additional paths that match the contemporary home's decor.

Go Big

This contemporary house has clean lines and perfect angles, so large rectangles with precise corners work. The clean pattern includes gravel, low plants, and stunning stones.

Emulate a Country Walkway

A garden with single-tone square and rectangular pavers alternated with grass instead of grout produces a purposeful yet unfussy appearance in an English countryside-inspired landscape.

Mix Multiple Materials

Herringbone bricks provide a classic front (or back) pathway and stairs. These homeowners used gravel and bricks with a contrasting landing to link the curbside to their front walk.

Add Solar Lighting

A walkway with similar, rectangular pavers put in parallel rows makes a shorter route seem larger, while solar-powered lighting adds safety and elegance at night.

Incorporate Stepping Stones

Enormous stepping stones that rise in height to accommodate the difference in elevation mimic a natural footpath. The boundaries are defined by a short stone wall and neat trimming.