7 Ways to Attract Beneficial Bugs to Your Yard

When you choose plants that do well together, you're said to be companion planting. This way of growing has many benefits, such as getting rid of bugs and making the land healthier.

Try Companion Planting

The problem with using chemical pest control chemicals, whether they be herbicides, insecticides, or pesticides, is that they destroy everything in the area where they are sprayed.

Avoid Chemical Pest Control

It is essential for all living things, including insects, to have access to water. If you want beneficial insects to have access to water, you should think about installing a water feature.

Add a Water Feature

Beneficial insects and pollinators need supplies of nectar and food throughout the whole year. You may fulfill this requirement by cultivating plants that bloom for an extended period of time.

Grow Long-Blooming Plants

Violets, milkweed, asters, and other larval host plants give caterpillars the nutrients they need to grow and develop properly before they turn into butterflies.

Grow Larval Host Plants

At the conclusion of a particular gardening season, you could feel compelled to clean up a particular area by removing dead stems, stumps, branches, and some leaves.

Leave Yard Debris

The environment, as well as the insects and fauna that live there, cannot function without native plants, which are species that are naturally present in your particular location.

Grow Native Plants