8 Best Foam Roller Exercises to Relieve Muscle Pain and Tension

Many exotic animals are legal, but buying one may be risky. In Massachusetts, you may buy a genuine bear. Most bears weigh 600 pounds, which would be uncomfortable on you. Florida allows residents to own giraffes, so go for it!

1. Owning Exotic Animals

Arsenic is one of the top 10 health-threatening substances according to the WHO. The FDA warns that eating arsenic frequently may raise your risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and skin cancer.

2. Foods With Arsenic

Walking about recording people may seem odd, but it's permitted in public. If it were banned, celebrity stalking and photography would die out globally.

3. Filming People in Public

Don't take all the free samples in the grocery store, but you can keep getting them by switching channels! This is frowned upon but legal, however the shop may toss you out.

4. Taking Free Samples

Has anybody introduced McDonald's to a fine dining restaurant? Stinking up the premises with fast food is not prohibited, but it is strongly discouraged, and the business may toss you out at their discretion.

5. Bringing Food Into Another Restaurant

Most shops restrict barefoot customers unless you're at the beach, although being barefoot isn't prohibited. It limits your space. You might stroll about without shoes, but your feet are vulnerable to harm.

6. Being Barefoot

Counting cards is lawful but difficult to learn. However, if a casino catches up with you, they will watch you for card counting and may remove or prohibit you.

7. Counting Cards

Sitting in a pickup truck bed is permitted in 20 states. The remaining 30 states have 16 19-year-old minimums. There is no universal legislation for this, but you may be violated for small laws you may not know.

8. Sitting in the Bed of a Truck