8 Different Types Of Animals In The World With Images


Known as sea stars, they belong to Asterozoa, have over 1,500 species worldwide, and can regenerate damaged parts. They feed on small fish, mussels, and clams.


Classified under Salientia, these amphibians are tailless and can jump, swim, and climb. With about 4,800 species, they primarily feed on insects and small worms.


Part of the amphibian phylum, they have various respiration methods and are found in the Holarctic and Neotropical zones. They feed on insects and small frogs.


Belonging to the Iguanidae family, these reptiles can change colors due to guanine crystals under their skin and feed on crickets and worms.


Large aquatic reptiles classified under Crocodylinae, found in tropical regions, with 14 extant species. They are carnivores, feeding on animals, fish, and birds.


The largest Asian antelope, native to India, southern Nepal, and eastern Pakistan, with males sporting horns and females being hornless. They are herbivores, feeding on grass and leaves.

Lion-Tailed Macaque:

An old-world monkey with a lion-like mane, found in India's tropical forests. They are herbivores, feeding on plants, leaves, and fruits, and avoid human interaction.


The family of cats under Feliformia, including both Pantherinae (big cats like lions and tigers) and Felinae (smaller cats). They are carnivores with excellent night vision.