8 Houseplants You Barely Have To Water

Some people forget about their plants for much longer than they'd like to admit. If this sounds like you, these bead-like plants should be a given.

String of Pearls

It's no secret that Instagram is all about succulents, which are small, trendy plants. They are easy to care for because they have hidden water tanks up high. They have beautiful geometric shapes and colors.


This beautiful plant from the southeast of Mexico gets its name from the thin leaves that grow from a thick root. To show it off, put it somewhere in your home that gets more sun. Don't water it; keep the soil dry.

Ponytail Palm

The leaves on these tall, thin beauties are made of rubber and are pretty hard to damage. They like modest amounts of sunshine if they can have it.

ZZ Plant

This easy-care plant is great for people who have never taken care of a plant before. Another thing is that they don't mind low light, so bathrooms or offices are fine for them.


This one is great for people who forget to water their plants because you can go weeks without doing it. The word on the street is that it can also make the air inside your home better.

Snake Plants

Air plants don't need dirt to grow, so they can grow anywhere. You can put them on a shelf or hang them in the air. Every 10 days, give them a bath in water and let them dry out in the sun.

Air Plants

Begonias are known for having big, beautiful flowers that stand out in any room. They are very easy to take care of, but be careful not to water them too much; just wait until the leaves fall off.