8 Makeup Tips To Make You Look 10 Years Younger After 60

Start with well-hydrated skin

Skin collagen and moisture gradually decline as we age, so appropriate hydration is essential, particularly in your 60s. Before wearing makeup, use a moisturizing toner and lightweight moisturizer to smooth and remove flaking.

Prep with a moisturizing primer

It's important to use a primer to make your face smooth before applying your makeup, especially foundation and blush. Using a moisturizing foundation before your makeup will help it last longer and keep your face healthy.

Take a break from matte face products

Intensely mattifying foundations, concealers, and powders appear beautiful in images but may be drying, particularly for older women with dry skin and wrinkles. Mattifying face products settle into wrinkles and accentuate dry spots.

Wear lightweight foundation

Your 60s makeup should embrace your natural skin, so use lightweight foundations over full-coverage ones. Lightweight foundations should feel like a second skin, preventing caking and greasiness.

Invest in brightening concealers

Especially after age 60, concealers shouldn't just hide flaws; they should also make your skin look brighter. When you put a whitening makeup under your eyes, it can lift your eyes and make you look younger and more attractive.

Never settle for the wrong face makeup shade

The wrong shade of foundation or powder can really age you terribly! It s important to look even from the face to the neck because this will give your makeup a very natural look.

Avoid metallics and shimmers

Because they emphasize wrinkles and fine lines, metallic or shimmer eyeshadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks may also age you. Avoid them, but if you want to glitter, choose ones with a faint sheen.

Opt for a volumizing mascara

Long and volumized eyelashes will make your eyes more awake and expressive! Wear a mascara that will enhance the curl and volume of your lashes and apply it in two 2 layers max so it won t weigh your lashes down.