8 Plants that Don't Need Sun

These hardy shade perennials have beautiful, arching branches of heart-shaped blooms with smaller teardrops at the bases. Bleeding heart has beautiful blooms and ferny, blue-green leaves.

Bleeding Heart

Fuchsias thrive in cool, dark areas since they don't like heat. Fuchsia bushes grow in warm temperatures and are hardy in Zones 7 and 8. Some are planted as annuals in hanging baskets with graceful blossoms.


Astilbe completes every shade garden. These tough, long-blooming perennials produce fluffy flower heads throughout summer in damp shade. The plants' mounded, fernlike foliage is beautiful


In late summer, toad lily blooms like a prince with jewellike white blossoms and purple markings. Toad lily blooms in full shade and progressively naturalizes a small area with late-season color.

Toad Lily

New Guinea impatiens (Impatiens hawkeri) is a must-have shade garden perennial with large, vibrant blooms. Containers tend to work better for New Guinea impatiens than gardens.

New Guinea Impatiens

Wax begonia is a low-maintenance shade plant that thrives in gardens. This mounded, compact plant has thick, fleshy stems with bronze or green leaves and blooms clusters of white, pink, red, or bicolor flowers

Wax Begonia

Any gloomy area may be transformed into a flower festival with impatiens, a shade flower. Impatiens grow quickly in summer and are popular for hard-to-plant areas beneath towering trees.

Impatiens walleriana

A shady border garden packed with the happy faces of viola is always a cheerful sight. These joyous spring bloomers almost seem to smile at you whenever you approach.