8 Super Easy Tips to Save Time While Preparing Meals

Find recipes that utilize slow cookers, ovens, or pressure cookers like Instant Pots to save time in the kitchen. This lets you cook more without worrying about anything

Find passive cooking recipes

Chicken and starchy root veggies go nicely together. Cooking them together may allow you to dish them simultaneously.

Cook multiple ingredients

It takes time to chop and cut items in the kitchen, but maybe your schedule doesn't allow it. You don't need expensive food processors for this

Use pre-prepped foods

Labeling your fridge's supplies and ready food may save dinner prep time. Knowing what everything is at a glance saves time searching for ingredients and more time cooking.

Label your food

Make a spot for each item in your fridge and regularly eliminate expired goods. It may make it simpler to discover items and make your stored meals seem better.

Organize your fridge

After shopping, wash, dice, and slice any produce you purchased and store it. Prepared fresh produce is more likely to be eaten before it spoils. It saves cooking time too.

Prepare fresh produce

On meal prep days, prepare additional proteins since they take the longest to cook. Well-cooked poultry, red meat, and eggs survive three to four days.

Double your protein

Make additional servings if you'd prefer cook night-of instead of meal prep. Keep leftovers for home-cooked dinners the following day.

Make enough for leftovers