Research shows we all have prejudices. Start with self-reflection and assess your attitudes and actions toward different cultures. Biases are often unconscious.

Examine your personal biases

Avoid assumptions. Choose reputable sources like personal interactions, literature, travel, study, and continued education to learn about other cultures.

Seek to understand

Build a diverse network of individuals across gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, place of origin, and opinions. Explore diversity, inclusion, and belonging

Keep an open mind

You should start with people you know within and outside your company, business, association, place of worship, and social groups. Support those outside your

Start with “who you know

Professional groups, cultural events, conferences, diversity forums, minority business expos, and community activities are wonderful networking opportunities.

Network across cultures

Volunteer and associate with organizations where you may contribute value and meet people from diverse cultures. Think long-term to develop trust and honest connections.

Get involved

Building trust takes time and is essential to successful partnerships. Follow through on your promises! Support others and be present.

Keep your word

Miscommunication is probable. All humans experience it. If this happens, keep going. Respect and communicate!  Continue the trip with optimism.

Assume positive intent