9 Amazing Hairstyles That are Perfect for Round Faces

Recreate Jenna Dewan's bob if your cut is asymmetrical by starting with a deep side part and straightening to the ends.

Straight Bob

Use an anti-frizz cream after curling your hair to reduce frizz for Natalie Portman's carefree style.

Smooth Curls

Try an updo like Selena Gomez during the warmer months. Make tight curls with a curling iron starting at the roots and pin them back.

Curly Updo

Those natural curls, if you have them, show them out. Using a texturing spray and scrunching damp hair, you can easily get America Ferrera's carefree, wavy appearance.

Natural Waves

Jennifer Lawrence's haircut is made as smooth as it is by the central section.

Sleek Middle Part

Mandy Moore's middle-partited pinned back style gives her whole appearance harmony.

Pinned Back Waves

Remarkably easy to achieve, all you need to do is collect everything into a bun after grabbing a portion of hair from the back of your head and flipping it front.

Top Knot With Bangs

Those wishing to define their face can do well with even thin layers. And styling a bob a la Julianne Hough is simple even in the middle of the morning rush.

Asymmetrical Bob

Kelly Clarkson went for lengthy ombré waves lately. For a curl similar to hers, use a 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" wand curling iron.

Long Waves