9 At-home Workouts That Anybody Can Perform


A timeless home workout staple. Versatile and effective, with various variations to target different muscle groups.


A compact core workout that withstands the test of time. Keep it in your routine for a strong midsection.


Test your core strength with this intense exercise. Start with short intervals and gradually increase duration.

Jumping Jacks

A full-body workout that's simple yet effective. Try variations like squat jacks to up the challenge.


No weights needed for this lower body burner. Explore variations like jumping squats for added intensity.


A challenging full-body exercise that yields great results. Embrace the burn for a stronger body.


Target your lower body muscles with various lunge variations. Improve balance and strength.

Mountain Climbers

Intense and fun, these engage your entire body. Perfect for short, high-intensity circuits.


Target your chest, triceps, and shoulders with this simple exercise. Use a sturdy surface like a couch or chair.