9 Bizarre Prehistoric Animals That Are Alive Today

Tadpole shrimp

Tadpole prawns, scientifically named Triops longicaudatus, are little freshwater crustaceans that resemble miniature horseshoe crabs.


A jawless fish with teeth and a sucking mouth resembling a funnel is called a lamprey.

Sandhill crane

The sandhill crane is a massive bird that can weigh up to 10 pounds (4.5 kg) and is native to northeastern Siberia and North America.


Sturgeons, found in rivers, lakes, and coastlines, are often called "primitive fish" due to their unchanged morphology for over 200 million years, as seen in early fossils.

The Chinese giant salamander

The Chinese giant salamander, at up to 180 cm (5.9 ft) in length, is the largest salamander and amphibian in the world.

Martialis heureka ant

This ant species, which was found in Brazil's Amazon rainforest in 2000, is remarkable for having an odd morphology.

Goblin shark

The mature goblin shark, with a maximum length of 4 metres (13 feet), is an uncommon and little-known species of deep-sea shark.

Horseshoe crab

Marine arthropods known as horseshoe crabs are found mostly on muddy or soft sandy substrates in shallow ocean areas.


The echidna is the only remaining extant mammal that lays eggs, together with the platypus.