9 Easy and Chic Hairstyles for the Beach

It's all great and well to wear your hair down at the beach, until a little wind whips strands straight into your face.

XXL Headband

Because beach days are all about easygoing, approachable beauty, we adore this quick, effortless ponytail braid. Braid a similar-sized part of your face-framing strands starting just below the crown.

Braided Ponytail

A piecey, untidy updo says all about clear skies and positive energy. And because of the ponytail-claw clip combination in this specific style, you won't have to worry about noon touch-ups.

90s Messy Updo

Added sun protection in a hairstyle? Call us in. For a carefree, guaranteed beach look, steal your dad's old baseball cap.

Baseball Cap and Back

Try twisting the first two-thirds of hair for a more sophisticated version of pigtails, then gently tease the remaining third for fluffy, voluminous ends.

Twisted Pigtails

If your main worry is keeping your hair out of your face, this style is for you. Securing hair at the nape of the neck, twist into a low bun.

Baseball Cap and Bun

If you're trying to change up your typical high ponytail, why not try a few braids? Divide hair into two vertically stacked portions to form two base ponies.

Double Braid

To keep knots and other damaging substances out of your hair, throw on a bandana. You can save day four hair or preserve a blowout with it.

Bandana Tie

"Slicked back" refers to a hairstyle where hair is brushed back, often using styling products for a smooth, sleek appearance, popular in both formal and casual settings.

Slicked Back