9 Mens Long Hairstyles To Spot In 2024

The Really Long

They weren't kidding around when they titled this one. This is classic, no-frills, no-nonsense sigma male terrain, where what you see is exactly what you get. This hairstyle is quite adaptable.

The Plaits

The plaits are to our generation what the Afro was to the swinging 1960s: icy cool and completely badass. The most common way to wear hair plaits is with the hair down, although they can also be tied into a bun or ponytail.

The Getting-A-Bit-Longer

This is a shorter variant of Really Long Hair, allowing the hair to grow slightly but not excessively. Alternatively, you can refer to it as the longer variant of extremely short hair, in which the hair is allowed to grow slightly but not significantly.

The Prince Curls

This is for you if you want to seem like a French aristocrat from an Alexandre Dumas novel who avenges his honor by challenging his adversaries to a fight. If you have natural curly hair and don't want to cut it short or straighten it every time.


Dreadlocks will always exist. Most individuals who have never owned them are unaware that they can be remarkably low-maintenance. This depends on the thickness of your hair.

The Man Bun

The man bun is fantastic because you can never fit a man with a man bun into a slot. He could be a Himalayan Yogi capable of levitating three feet off the ground, or he could be an Italian Marquis wearing.

Wavy Hair with Skin Fade Undercut

A faded undercut and long wavy hair on top look great together, much like John Mayer and his guitar. The low fade keeps the sides clean and fresh, while the lengthier natural waves let you create a variety of designs.

Brushed Back Hair

Nothing shouts smooth operator more than Sade's sing-song voice and saxophones purring in the background like brushed-back hair. This is for the man who always flies business class, knows where every exit is before entering a room.

Long Curly

If you prefer sepia tones, the curled long-haired appearance is for you. Don't ask why or how the two are related. Something about curling long hair reminds people of adolescence.