9 Nail Art Trends We re Seeing Everywhere

Aura Nails: Aura nails are one of the biggest nail art trends in 2024. This trend creates a beautiful apex and gradient on your nails, giving them an expensive and mesmerizing look.

Mono-Crystal Mani: The mono-crystal mani is an easy nail art trend that requires virtually no skill or planning.

Cloud Print: Cloud print is another popular trend in nail art. Whether they look like you're keeping the sky on your nails or if they resemble a cartoon, cloud prints always add a dreamy touch to your nails.

French Manicures with a Twist: French manicures are still in style, but with a twist. One popular variation is the sheer base with a bold, vivid tip.

Chrome Finishes: Chrome finishes are a futuristic trend that adds a touch of nostalgia from the '90s.

Abstract Art: Abstract art is still a popular nail trend. It allows for creative self-expression and adds a unique and artistic touch to your nails.

Baby Boomer Nails: Baby Boomer nails are a classic French manicure with a twist. This style fades the white tips and neutral nail beds together, creating a soft ombré effect.

Neon French Tips: Neon French tips are perfect for summer. This trend adds a pop of color and brightness to your nails, creating a fun and playful look.

Geometric Art: Geometric art is all about sharp lines and bold shapes. This trend allows for creativity with different patterns on each nail, making a statement with your nail art.