9 Things America Does Better Than Any Other Nation

American greetings are varied and vibrant, showcasing a friendliness that can be overwhelming to non-Americans.

Effusive Greetings

The U.S. is perfect for road trips, with quirky roadside attractions, rest areas, and national parks dotting its vast landscapes.

Road Trips

From demolition derbies to horse racing and roller derbies, the U.S. is the home of diverse and thrilling derby events.


American brewers innovate without restrictions, creating unique beers with various additives and processes across numerous breweries.


The U.S. is a melting pot of cultures, climates, landscapes, and wildlife, offering unparalleled diversity.


The U.S. boasts stunning canyons like Bryce, Black Canyon, and the Grand Canyon, showcasing incredible geological formations.


With over 400 national parks, the U.S. offers a treasure trove of natural wonders, from Yellowstone to Yosemite.

National Parks

The U.S. leads in culinary experimentation with extreme foods like cronuts, ramen burgers, and Korean tacos, offering huge portions.


The U.S. has multiple major sports including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey, with iconic venues like Wrigley Field and Fenway Park.