9 Worldwide, the most gorgeous islands


This Indian Ocean island blends French and British influences with Indian culture. It's known for its sugar cane fields, lush jungles, and hypnotic blue beaches.

Easter Island, Chile

Famous for its enigmatic stone giants, this island holds the mysteries of a lost civilization.

Rab Island, Croatia

Facing the Adriatic Sea, Rab Island's main city features medieval charm with its towers and narrow cobblestone streets, offering a journey back in time.

Holbox, Mexico

Located north of the Yucatan Peninsula, Holbox is a perfect refuge with its pristine sand and warm waters, ideal for escaping everyday life.

Kauai, Hawaii, USA

Known as one of the most beautiful islands in the Hawaiian archipelago, Kauai boasts immense green mountains, abundant water sources, and intensely colored sea.

Skye Island, UK

This Scottish island offers stunning landscapes, medieval castles, and authentic fishing villages.

Ko Adang, Thailand

A tiny Thai island with enormous charm, Ko Adang is known for its fascinating colors and natural beauty.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Once a crucial port for trade routes and the center of the slave trade, Zanzibar is now a tourist destination with beautiful sunsets over the sea.

Kyushu, Japan

Considered the cradle of Japanese civilization, Kyushu is renowned for its unique beauty and historical significance.