Meet the 10 Dumbest Birds In The World

Kakapos are flightless parrots native to New Zealand. Their evolution in an environment without predators left them defenseless


Found in Australia, emus are large flightless birds known for their speed but questionable intelligence.


Despite being the largest living birds, ostriches are known for their small brains and lack of intelligence.


Colorful but not clever, these birds nest in exposed areas, making them easy targets for predators.

Lilac-Breasted Roller

These seabirds are known for poor parenting decisions, nesting precariously on cliffs. Their lack of concern for egg safety demonstrates their limited cognitive abilities.

Northern Fulmar

Despite social behaviors, turkeys are often deemed unintelligent due to myths and genetic quirks.


Cardinals are notorious for flying into glass windows repeatedly, showing a lack of ability to learn from their mistakes.


Found in North America, killdeers exhibit bizarre defensive tactics like pretending to have a broken wing to distract predators from their nests, which can backfire.


These migratory birds have high mortality rates during their extensive journeys, suggesting a lack of adaptive intelligence despite their adventurous nature.

Red-Necked Phalarope

Despite their impressive appearance, secretary birds are terrestrial hunters with limited flight abilities.

Secretary Bird