The 7 Legendary Ghosts Haunting America's National Parks

The Phantom Lady of Yosemite

Known to wander Yosemite National Park, this spectral figure is said to be searching for her lost love.

The Grey Man of the Great Smoky Mountains

Legend has it that this ghost warns hikers of impending danger, appearing as a shadowy figure in the mist.

The Headless Horseman of Yellowstone

Visitors claim to have spotted a headless rider galloping through Yellowstone National Park, a chilling reminder of the park's eerie past.

The Lady in White of Shenandoah

This ghostly apparition is often seen near waterfalls, believed to be the spirit of a woman who tragically lost her life in the park.

The Phantom Ranger of Grand Canyon

Park rangers and visitors alike have reported encounters with a mysterious figure who vanishes into thin air, leaving behind only a lingering chill.

The Ghost of Glacier National Park

A spectral presence is said to haunt the old lodges and trails of Glacier National Park, a silent witness to the park's history.

The Spirit Bear of Olympic

Native American legends tell of a ghostly bear that roams the forests of Olympic National Park, guarding sacred lands and appearing to those in need.