The 8 Best Hairstyles in Movie History

Jean Seberg's Iconic Crop

Jean Seberg's post-"Breathless" look popularized gamine hair with close crops borrowed from the boys, setting a trend that endures.

Penélope Cruz's Sensual Bangs

Penélope Cruz's Spanish accent paired with touchable bangs and cascades of chestnut hair exudes an unforgettable sensuality.

Brigitte Bardot's Bombshell Volume

Brigitte Bardot's iconic bombshell hair in "Contempt" defined an era with its voluminous texture and chic headbands.

Mia Farrow's Vidal Sassoon Cut

Mia Farrow's enviable locks in "Rosemary's Baby" were attributed to Vidal Sassoon, adding a devilishly stylish touch to her character.

Winona Ryder's Gen-X Crop

Winona Ryder's piecey, textured crop in "Reality Bites" not only defined a generation but also sent droves of Gen-Xers to salons for the look.

Jane Birkin's Swinging 60's Style

Jane Birkin's 60's style in "Blow Up" evokes the effortless cool of a modern Chloé campaign, capturing the essence of the era.

Kate Winslet's Rainbow Hair

Kate Winslet's portrayal of Clementine in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" with her rainbow parade of hair colors adds warmth to the heart-obliterating storyline.

Halle Berry's Short and Sassy

Halle Berry proves in "Die Another Day" that short hair can be just as captivating as long strands, making her irresistible to James Bond and audiences alike.