The Top 10 Friendliest Wild Animals Around The World

Dolphins are highly intelligent animals that are renowned for their social skills and cooperative nature. They like the company of other aquatic mammal species as well as humans that stray into their domain.


White whales, sometimes referred to as beluga whales, are frequently found in the waters of the Arctic and subarctic. They are among the few whales that socialize with people as well as members of other species.

Beluga Whales

Though it presents some challenges for them, these gentle giants are wonderfully amiable creatures. Manatees, sometimes called sea cows, are listed as an endangered species because of their amiable and dependable character.


Social beings, these gentle giants have been observed to be empathetic and friendly to other species, including humans.


Giraffes are amiable and inquisitive creatures that frequently approach people without showing hostility, despite their enormous stature.


Due to their sociable nature, these marine mammals frequently approach swimmers and divers with interest.

Sea Lions

While not traditionally thought of as friendly, penguins are curious and often approach humans in their natural habitats.