Top 8 Black Men s Beard Styles 2024

Full Beard Style

The most common and classic beard style for African-American men, characterized by dense hair coverage on the cheeks, jawline, and chin. It enhances a virile and masculine look and suits various facial shapes.

The Five O'clock Beard

Gives a classy, simple, and natural look with subtle appearance after several hours of shaving, typically 1-2 millimeters long. Named for its appearance at 5 o'clock in the evening after morning shaving.

The Goatee Beard Style

Trending and elegant style with a beard only at chin level, resembling hairs on a goat's chin. Popular in professional environments and ideal for a square jaw and short hair.

The Carved Beard

Allows expression of sophisticated personalities with elaborated patterns and sculpted contours. Requires dedication, artistic talent, and barbering skills to perfect shape and contours.

The Moustache

Features growth of hair on the chin and upper lip, providing a subtle, clean appearance. Can have thick or thin finish, drawing attention to longer hairs in the beard.

The Circular Beard

Creates a thin and short beard strip along the jawline, ending at the goatee, with rounded contours. Ideal for black men seeking mystique and maturity.

Bushy Beard

Provides a bold and classy look with thick beard hair, v-shaped corners, and a distinct mustache. Covers the lower portion of the face, giving a strong jawline and mature appearance.

The Stubble Beard

Creates a carefree look with short, manageable texture, suitable for those starting with beard styles or avoiding longer beards. Requires regular upkeep while Adam's apple is at its tallest for a maintained shape.