Where to Stay in Miami: The Best Neighborhoods for Your Visit

South Beach

People around the world close their eyes and think of South Beach when they hear the word "Miami." They see mojitos moving around and miles and miles of bright lights. 

Downtown Miami

Thanks to party animals, Downtown Miami exists. Club Space was the first to relocate into the neighborhood in 2000, when it was mostly vacant warehouses. 

Miami Beach

For a while, Miami Beach residents didn't see the point north of Lincoln Road. South Beach ended, right? Today, no. Mid-Beach has some of Miami's best hotels and restaurants.

Little Havana

Not mentioning Miami's Cuban ties would be a mistake. Little Havana is the most famous Cuban-American district in the nation, showcasing its colorful, lovely, and delightful culture.


Brickell has several skyscrapers, construction cranes, and jackhammers. Some blocks feel more like Manhattan than Miami. Brickell, Miami's financial sector and fastest-growing region, looks like this.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove, a lush and upscale waterfront neighborhood in Miami, has lost many of its colorful cottages and quaint bungalows to sleek highrise condos and boxy sugar cube houses in recent decades.

Upper Eastside/MiMO

From the Julia Tuttle Causeway to 86th Street, this hip area stretches along Biscayne Boulevard. Some of Miami Modern (MiMo) architecture's greatest examples are on the Upper East Side.